Lian-Li PC-V1100 Silent Aluminum Case

I am leaving on a white shark expedition in six hours! I'm excited. :) But first, check out this cool case:

Lian-Li PC-V1100 Silent Aluminum Computer Case

I love this thing. It's designed to have plenty of airflow while remaining quiet (rubber gaskets, high-frequency blockers over fan openings, acoustic dampening foam lining side covers, big fans that operate at low RPMs, etc.). Check out the reviews. This case rules.

I have a computer with seven drives in it, and the sucker used to sound like a jet when it was housed in a cheapie plastic case (I had something like 6 fans attached to it). In the new case, it's still clearly audible, but .. I was amazed at how much of a difference it made. I believe I can now shove the thing under the stage area in my place and have it be nearly inaudible to the living area. If that is the case (har har), then I will forego spending $1.5K on an acoustic enclosure that can dissipate enough heat to house two servers. So you see, I'm spending money to save money. Yeah. :)

all the bits of my server

My only complaint about the case is that the power supply area is a bit small. I have a huge power supply, which I managed to attach by using screw risers; this leaves some open space for sound to sneak out of, so I'll have to seal it up with something, eventually.

*UPDATE* I've finally placed the server under my stage area, where it will live. With the bit of ambient noise in my loft, I can't hear it at all, which is fantastic. I ran the server under load for awhile today, and the temperature leveled off at 46 C.

Current Stats: (P4 2.8Ghz, 1 x 160GB ATA, 8 x 300GB S-ATA)

CPU Temperature 39 C MB Temperature 32 C CPU Fan 2556 rpm Chassis Fan 1442 rpm

Very cool. :)