Vienna Teng, Jim Batcho, My Loft

ms. vienna teng

I'll tell yew whutt, I've got some more photos of Vienna Teng to show. You know, for her crazy groupies.

VT and I overlapped in the Bay Area for exactly one day, and she and Mr. Batcho happened to be over in the East Bay hanging out with a bunch of musicians at a party at Marika's place (which I opted out of because I had just returned from New York and was feeling really anti-social). And so, the two of 'em came over to hang out for a bit, which was really nice, cuz Vienna had to leave for the airport at like 4am, and it was already nearly midnight. (Damn. My command of the English language is goin' DOWNHILL).

Anyway, I love that Jim was wearing a "Boobs Not Bombs" shirt, and that Vienna was wearing "Pussy For Peace undies (although, I only got to see like a centimeter of it. ;) And as usual, VT posed in style. [see some photos]