Engagements Everywhere

This has got to stop! People are coupling up all around me: five of my friends have gotten engaged recently -- three of them in the last few weeks -- which means that next summer, there will likely be five weddings to attend. Last year, I think I made four of six weddings, which was pretty damn miraculous given my travel schedule. But next year I think I'm going to be gone for most of the summer, so I may end up missing weddings of very good friends. So sad.

Speaking of sad, I went shopping for groceries alone tonight. I hate doing late-night solo grocery shopping, but I hit critical mass yesterday in things I need (e.g. bandaids and antibiotic cream, soap, toothpaste (both running low), food, etc.).

Off to the Farallons tomorrow for more white sharking, but it's only a day trip. I'm also getting some more magazine stuff, which is always exciting.