Niveus A/V Storage Server: 1 Terabyte

Finally, a NAS box that looks interesting for home use! The Niveus A/V Storage Server says that it offers 1TB of RAID 5 storage, which is confusing because it also says that it only has 1TB worth of drives, suggesting that only 750GB of it is accessible. It also doesn't mention whether it supports gigabit ethernet. AND, it's $3K.

Still, it's fanless, pretty, and looks easy to use. I would just be worried about what to do in the event of hardware (or software) failure. With my own box it would be easy to rip the thing apart and fix it, but an integrated unit like this would probably require outside service (?).


Message: Hello, guys. I have a couple of questions about your new 1TB
storage server.

1) does it support gigabit ethernet? (not on web page)

No, only T10/100. However our products are always upgradeable. A Gigabit
upgrade is planned for Q12005.

2) it states 1TB of storage, but then says that it uses RAID 5. How
much accessible storage is there? 750GB?

The website will be updated soon. The user chooses whether they want
RAID 0 or RAID 5. If RAID 5 is chosen, then the overall available
storage will be lower than 1TB, but true data redundancy will be