Day Boats

So I went out on a day boat to the Farallon Islands today, and it was pretty cool, despite us nearly being skunked. We did see one shark hit one of the cookies (decoys) attached to the boat, but that was about it. What I was mostly amazed with were 1) the beauty of the island and 2) the make-up of the group that went out. The average age was much lower than it is on the normal trips I'm on (most people were about my age, I'd guess), and there were *gasp* three young women on board! I chatted with one of them for a long time about photography -- turns out that she is a photojournalist in the Middle East and was embedded with a division in Iraq for awhile. So it goes without saying that she is well-travelled, adventurous and independent, and that was totally fascinating and cool. And, she loves to dive and has dived many of the same waters I have.

None of this change the fact that every trip I'm on next year will be composed mostly of old(er) white men with an occasional female companion. I don't have a problem being friends with older white men, but they just aren't dateable.

Being alone at home on the computer on a Friday night makes one think of these things.

But at least I had Ali G to keep me company. When I run out of episodes to watch, I'll *really* be in bad shape. ;)