The building across from me is being demolished and will be re-born as a huge loft building.

I thought it might be neat to capture the construction using time-lapse, but it turns out that I don't have the right gear to do it. I am currently using a Sony PDX10 to take 1/2 second of video every 5 minutes (it won't do just a few frames at a time, which is what I really wanted).

The right way to do it is to set up a high-resolution digital camera tethered to a computer, shooting a photo every N minutes. A hi-res movie can be built with the captured frames later. But I don't have a compatible camera that can operate silently (I can't have a shutter release going every few minutes, so a consumer cam with a wide-angle adapter is ideal), nor do I have an extra machine that I can plunk down by the window for a year.

Anyone want to donate a compatible camera for a few months? I can get ahold of an extra machine. ;)

UPDATE: I think I'm going to get two USB active extenders and connect a webcam to my server, which is about 30' away from the camera location. I can use my webcam for the moment, and switch to a "real" camera in the future, if the project materializes.