Tivo Series 1 vs Series 2?

I have no TV signal right now, but I will once I get home from Indonesia in January. So the question is: which Tivo should I get? I currently own a DirecTivo box, which I absolutely love, but I can't have DirecTV here in the new pad. It's been upgraded to 160GB. Anyone wanna buy it? ;)

I keep reading that Series 2 Tivos have crappy image quality. As it is I'm going to be upset because there is no way a standard Tivo can compete in image quality with a DirecTivo box. But if it's even worse than my old Series 1 was, it might not be watchable on a high quality display. Anyone have direct comparison anecdotes to share?

Another argument for sticking to Series 1 is that they are so easy to hack. Hacking is cool.