Piperade with Chip and Susan Scarlett

Susan and Chip Scarlett @ Piperade in San Francisco

After an extended back-and-forth about restaurants open on Monday evenings (thank you, Shalini!), I had dinner with Susan and Chip Scarlett at Piperade, which is the first Basque restaurant I've been to. The food was very good, and the ambiance was perfect for conversation. Also, the hostess was *extremely* attractive and had a nice smile. :)

I first met Chip after a seminar I gave at the Boston Sea Rovers Clinic last year, and even though our chat was brief, I remember it being very thought-provoking. Chip has taken some fantastic underwater photographs, and he and Susan can often be found in the company of household names in the underwater media industry.

We chatted non-stop for nearly three hours, and (as usual) I left their presence with juicy new ideas to chew on (about my future and other things).

After dinner, I stopped by to see my surrogate family. It was Geoff's birthday, and I had gifts to present. Oh, and I had to do my official duty as I.T. guy for my circle of friends and set up their wireless network. :)