From Rajah Ampat

A view from the top of the M/V Pindito, near Irian Jaya

Written December 16th: It's amazing that I (sort of) have internet access from Kri Island, which is just off of Irian Jaya in a region called Rajah Ampat (in Indonesia). To get to the resort here, we spent the night in Bali, a night in Ujung Pandang (Makassar), and then flew to Sorong.

rajah ampat sunset

From Sorong it normally takes 90 minutes to get here by boat, but we boarded a live-aboard dive boat instead, which then dropped us off here fifteen days later. Each evening, I sit around at dinner and absorb amazing stories from both the people I'm travelling with and from boat and resort operators. These guys are all really well-travelled.

The diving here has been extremely productive (photographically), and I am excited to get some of the photos up online. I made a slideshow for the boat we just left, and it impresses even me when I watch it. ;)

view of our boat from a mountain

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to properly tag the photos I've taken so far, so it may take me some time to get them online (I have to ID them from critter books). I can't decide whether I should just post the "best" photos, or if I should do what I normally do and post almost everything. I hate showing "fish id" shots, but sometimes it's nice to post a record of a species rather that having nothing at all online. I have had plans for what seems like forever for a proper portfolio section on my site that will only show only the best stuff.

underwater coral forest w/anchovy school

Anyway, I finally managed to download all of my e-mail, and life appears to be going on as usual at home. I miss my friends, and even when I'm at home I miss some of them. Those I don't see regularly never know when I'm home, and as a result I do not see them unless I make an effort to do so.

Evenings (alone) on my travels are always lonely, even if there are other people around. There's a lot going through my head at the moment, but it's all jumbled up in a nitrogen haze. I'm not sure I could articulate it effectively even if I tried to.

Oh -- and thanks to those of you who sent me birthday wishes. Even from Indonesia, I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much. :)