New Year's Eve 2005

new year's party

I've had house guests for a few days. The other Eric, Mr. Syndromes, and Aaron (with his lovely wife, Natalie) have been in town, and I've spent much of my time with them. I've also been trying to get settled after being gone for nearly a month; as usual, a mountain of mail was here to greet me, and items in my abandoned to-do list didn't magically check themselves off.

Vienna wrote me an e-mail several days before the 31st (while I was in Indonesia):

do you have plans for new year's? i'm thinking of trying to assemble a semi-musical get-together. maybe some pop musicians and some classical folk, so we could jam and/or read through stuff. drink wine and watch a movie or play games or whatever. your place (and your presence, of course) would be ideal...

...and a party plan was born. An evite and two days of unpacking and organizing later (round 2 -- I had to deal with about 15 boxes from Emile's place), a bunch of us gathered in my loft to celebrate the arrival of 2005.

We had a fairly weak showing from the pop folk and upper strings, but we still managed to perform some live music because so many of us ever-strong cellists showed up. So, at least we had some music. (Translation: after harrassing violinists non-stop for two hours, we managed to convince one of them to attempt to play the viola). Unfortuntaely, the availability of classical music performance was severely compromised by the lack of a violist. And after we finally worked up the energy to play something, in walked Lesley, a professional violist! It was sort of embarrassing. I harbor a bit of guilt because we nearly attacked her while convincing her to sit in for some more sight-reading. She humored us. :)

Before Lesley's timely arrival, there was all sorts of light bullying from non-musicians:

"Just play something!"

"Can't you read quartets and just leave the viola part out?"

Uh... Beavis? That's like reading a work of literature that is missing every fourth sentence.

As I was saying earlier, cellists were well represented in the house, and we obviously had to play Popper's Requiem for 3 Celli and Piano. And after the second coming of the Requiem, Vienna, Jim and I switched gears and played a version of Harbor for voice, piano, cello, and a percussive little green stool. I thought it worked out very nicely. ;)

There were also several other parties going on in my building, which traditionally are thrown in the style of a pseudo-progressive. A few times during the evening, between 2 and 20 additional people piled into my place -- the perfect way to meet some of my fellow building-mates. Standing out from the crowd were Jack and Tres, who came dressed as a regal / underwater / fishnet / leather-pants couple. At that point, some of my friends who live in suburbia realized that the community I live in hosts some interesting people. :)

Photos shown here were taken by Jim, Syndromes, Adam Tow, the other Eric, and me. [see some photos]

Also, see coverage by Adam Tow and coverage by Aaron Logan.

P.S. Syndromes is sitting next to me reading this entry (on a second computer) as I edit it. We blog people are a strange bunch.