EE Dead + Misc Photos

Cellists with Lesley's pediatrician friend: Ilya Levtov, Warren Wu, Chris Costanza, and me I'm canning Exhibition Engine. It might be one of the cleanest and fully-featured single-user gallery programs out there, but every gallery program I've tried is clumsy if you care about tagging images with properly organized metadata. Also, EE 1.5RC4 has been out for eight months with no updates, and I'm assuming that support for the product has been dropped. It doesn't use a proper templating engine anyway, so no real visual changes can be done without breaking the possibility of upgrading. It's really too bad, because it has so many nice features -- just a little more work could have made the product very good.

As an alternative, I spent half and hour this morning and hacked b2 to include my images in individual entries. :) This is sort of a test post, but in it you can see photos of music folk and photos of Syndromes + the other Eric's visit.