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Treo 600 - R.I.P, Take 3

So TREO #4 is on its way to me. Yesterday, my TREO went into "No Signal" mode in the middle of a phone call, and since then I've been unable to make calls without the phone dropping signal altogether. It's also been crashing more often in phone mode, and did a surprise reset on me today. Yippee. Like the last two times, a new old phone is on being sent to me. And like last time, it will meet me in New York via Tony's office.

I love the phone when it works, but I'm really starting to hate PalmOne. Given the 100% failure rate of Treo phones (from what I've seen), it's ironic that their website says that they "make the handhelds & smartphones that millions of people depend on every day." In order to substantiate that claim, they would need to bundle a stable, backup phone with every Treo they sell.

I suppose it is the duty of early adopters to pave the technology road with little bits of pain.

06 Jan 2005 *UPDATE* Received my replacement TREO only two days later (here in New York City). Let's hear it for the WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH! Yep. I've had 3 crashes in 6 hours.