Squaline: adjective for shark-like

For a long time now, I've been trying to figure out the latin-rooted word for "shark-like." Out of desperation, I sent an e-mail to my shark scientist friend Dr. Samuel H Gruber, who replied that he knew of no such word, but that we should just invent one:

Lupine is to wolf as Squaline is to shark

"Squaline" is not to be confused with "squalene," which is defined: "an acyclic hydrocarbon C30H50 that is widely distributed in nature (as a major component of sebum and in shark-liver oils) and is a precursor of sterols (as cholesterol)."

Both words come from the latin squalus, a sea fish. In Italian, the word for shark is squalo, but according to a dictionary I found online, the latin word for shark is pistris. Unfortunately, making an -ine adjective from pistris just doesn't seem to be as appropriate.

A big fish, showing a rather squaline look.