Manhattan: Friends, LeisurePro

David Katz, in his studio.  The light he is using is so damned bright that I can't expose the scene properly. So, I had a great time in New York City. I got to see some friends, eat large quantities of overpriced food, and spend hours on the subway trying to get to Queens from the Upper West Side. Last night at 2am, I accidentally boarded the D train going uptown from 59th/Columbus Circle, which, of course, is not the best way to get to Jackson Heights.

In other exciting news, I finally went to LeisurePro, which is the scuba dive gear-equivalent of Adorama and other ultra-orthodox jewish gear establishments (in fact, LeisurePro is owned by Adorama). I peeked through the doorway in the tiny storefront and saw rows upon rows of dive gear goodness in their warehouse. Good thing I don't have a fetish for dive gear -- otherwise, I might have had to check in a bag on the way home. ;)