Tribute to Professor Plum

Professor Plum, a.k.a. Stinky.  He loves me. There is no cat like Tony and Ai-Jen's cat, Professor Plum (AKA "Stinky", "The Stinky", "Pinhead", etc.). Aside from the genetic mutation that gives him six toes on each paw, his lard reserves have grown truly impressive over the years. Stinky is the most social cat I've ever encountered. He's always underfoot, and at full speed he becomes a 25lb lard-like projectile that can quite literally shove you clear out of the way (this happens often if you're on the way to the kitchen, where his food bowl is located). Tony likened picking Stinky up to picking up a huge water weenie (remember those?).

I like to poke at him with my feet (about 95% of our interaction). And he sure is cute. Finally, here are some photos. Only photos can properly tell the Stinky story.