Server, Take 2

I'm in the process of building a second data server to mirror the first one, and I already feel like the first one has too little storage space. Argh. Of course, these two mirrored boxes will be sitting right next to each other, so in the event of physical catastrophe I'll be screwed. Perhaps I'll mirror the data and then move one of the boxes to a friend's place and have nightly rsyncs...

Anyway, I'm going to get a Broadcom RAIDCore 8-channel SATA RAID card this time around instead of a 3Ware Escalade controller. And I'll stick 8 300GB drives in it (400GB drives are still too expensive!), which will give me 2.1 TB of usable RAID 5 storage.

Since my other box only has 1 TB of usable storage, I'll have to figure out a way to back up the orphaned 1.1 TB, but I suppose I'll tackle that problem when I get to it. :)