Flickr is awesome.

test image from flickr

After a tip from Nikhyl Singhal at Nash's birthday party two days ago, I have finally discovered Flickr, which is by far the best photo sharing service/community I've seen. It's fast, their privacy policy and terms of use are friendly, and uploading 100 pictures is as easy as dragging them into a window on your desktop (or, I hear you can use iPhoto integration. ;). If Flickr also supported the importing of IPTC data to use as captions and keywords, I'd be very tempted to switch over for my normal journal images. But it would then be impossible to automatically inline the thumbnail table in specific entries, like I do now (also a problem I had with EE).

Flickr also supports automated photo blogging to Wordpress. Would someone please be a guinea pig and try it out? I'd like to see what happens. :)

Anyway, it doesn't matter so much at the moment because until they get IPTC import working, it's not feasible for me to caption and tag every image. Tagging images using a web interface? No way, man. The forums are filled with requests for IPTC support, so I'm sure the dev team is hard at work on it -- especially because Picasa already works with IPTC. But Picasa is scary because the local application finds all of the images on your computer. *shudder* Yes, I realize that you can specify which directories Picasa will look in, but most serious photographers I know have complicated workflows that involve lots of temporary images and images that definitely shouldn't be cataloged. My workflow is like this, and I don't want any sort of automated cataloging.

I love talking about all of this stuff, but I'm definitely afraid of letting a third-party service have the responsibility of my image storage. Keeping everything local to is definitely safest.