Adam Nash's Birthday Party

Adam Nash with friends and family I had my annual Silicon Valley get-together in Los Altos last Sunday, where we celebrated Adam Nash's official arrival into old fogy-ness at the ripe age of 30. I rarely get to see the regulars at Nash parties, but I always enjoy the opportunity to catch up. It usually makes me both nostalgic about the good ol' days as a software guy and happy that I've chosen a different path. (I had dinner with an old adviser/friend last night, who told me that he always knew that I didn't have the personality to be a software guy; I guess I'll take that as... a compliment?)

As usual, the Nash family prepared enough food to feed 4x the number of guests who arrived. One thing that I noticed was that the fruit was freakishly unblemished -- and there was lots of it. Marni said that at Carolyn's baby shower they actually picked out and discarded the bruised fruit before-hand, which I guess doesn't surprise me that much. They are, after all, the Nash Family. :)

Anyway, it was a great party. I had prepared some prints for Cindy, who met me at the Nash residence and crashed the party. She knew most of the people there; many of those in attendence were CS/EE grads and Mayfield Fellows.

OK. Enough ramblings. See some photos: