Dinner, everywhere

Our sushi plate @ Chika, in the sunset (my favorite sushi place in the city) The days (and late evenings, and very early mornings...) are keeping me quite busy, and I seem to have been on the telephone for a several days while resolving a bunch of crap that doesn't really matter. Although, it all has to get done eventually, so I might as well just do it now. Luckily, I have the company of a few friends to distract me for a few hours each day.

Photos in this entry: a visit to Redstart to see Mandy, Dinner @ Chez Pannise Cafe with Cindy, huge amaebi at Chika with Geoff and Livia, miniature flywheel cars with Elliot, dinner at Luna Park, and dinner at with Mandy's mother + company.

Oh, and I ate at Tamarine in Palo Alto the other day, with Angel. My sister didn't really like the food when she ate there last, but I thought it was tasty. Also, I had dinner at Chenery Park tonight before seeing Hotel Rwanda with Livia and Vienna. It's a bit overpriced, but it's a comfortable place. Feels like a "typical" dinner in New York to me, sort of.

All this nice cuisine, after sinking to my lowest food point ever: the tupperwaring of an unfinished frozen dinner, followed by a reheating two days later. I have no food here.