Matching Hues and Dark Grays

I have achieved chromatic nirvana. I don't even know why I tried for so long with any sort of LCD display. Here's my favorite quote about the monitor:

See, if you're a photographer then you are most likely a closet equipment junky. You'll buy anything you can justifiably afford and you'll justify any cost if it increases your productivity. Oh yeah, there's one other reason to get the Artisian: when you're chatting with your photographer friends and they ask you what kind of monitor you have you can respond, "oh, I have the Sony Artisian." That's the point they make direct eye contact and say, "Wow".
- Dan Florio, BellaOnline Review

That's the thing about buying ... uh, things. When I first get into some hobby or interest, I tend to buy the cheapest support items possible that are of high enough quality not to make me feel like I just bought shiny pieces of shit. But as I learn more, I start obsessing over why that thing I just bought isn't quite perfect, and then I ...

10 sell it
20 buy something else that is slightly less crappy
30 goto 10

... (har har). So now, I tend to try to buy the thing that will make me stop thinking about other things like it for as long as possible. [1]

And then, I try to balance that philosophy with another fairly practical tendency of mine, which is to sell things as soon as I stop using them for an extended period of time, assuming that the market is still paying a premium for them. It's still possible to buy something, use it for 6 months, and then sell it for 90-100% (or more) if its purchase price. I'm not sure who is doing the buying of used goods at such a premium, but I really don't care -- as long as I'm on the other side of the equation.

Finally, it doesn't pay to do too much buying and selling if it prevents you from doing the thing you bought the things to do in the first place, that is, unless buying and selling random stuff is your livelihood. I [virtually] met someone the other day who buys and sells stuff for a living. Sounds like it could be fun.

I started this entry intending to preach the virtues of CRT monitors, but instead, I painted myself a capitalist. Umm. Anyone wanna buy some stuff? :)

[1] I didn't do any of this buying on Not One Damn Dime Day (which was today), but I did step out and purchase some food, mostly because 1) I was starving 2) I have an ill-equipped pantry, and 3) Not One Damn Diming is stupid.

Incidentally, a perfect example of an item that should be properly chosen is a ball head for a tripod. If you get a crappy ball head, you're going to curse your crappy ball every time you set eyes on it. Buy a nice one, and you'll never think about it again.

Also, the "proper" item to buy is not always the most expensive item, unless you price it in proportion to the amount of time required to figure out which one it is. A lot of research is necessary, and you have to be the kind of person who likes to read reviews.