Elliot and Mandy came over tonight, and we ordered pizza and watched movies and television for awhile together. I enjoyed their company a lot, even though we didn't really talk much. It reminded me of being pseudo-roommates during the past year (when I was in town, that is). And also, Elliot and I got to make fun of a documentary on beavers (the dam-building kind [1]. mandy was cooing their cuteness the whole time) shown in HD, which I decided is just a super cool unsharp-masked version of reality. [2]

And now, I'm ... unsettled. I have to make a lot of progress on a few things during the next few days before I leave for Maine. Specifically, I have to write an article for Tauchen Magazine that became fully defined in the not-so-distant past. I also have to get going on my Wetpixel redesign and rewrite, which is not going to be easy. I also would really like to post my travel journal about Rajah Ampat. Oh, and I have to set up my new server.

But what I'd *really* like to do is curl up with someone in front of the TV. And maybe get all of these old prints into boxes and archival sleeves. And get rid of (sell) all of the crap that I have left over from the move. And maybe get on a normal sleeping schedule. With a few minor organizational things taken care of (and one major interpersonal one ;), I think my mind would be clear enough to do the other things, maybe.

Multitasking is evil, and I hate that it's become my way of life. I think that's why I relish moments with friends so much -- it's the only time my head isn't divided up into tiny pieces.

[1] My beautiful and thoroughly crazy Italian friend Marta is sometimes called "Beaver" (in Italian) by her Italian friends, in Italy. When Marta first started interacting with English-speaking folk, she once asked an entire table of people whether they would like to see her beaver. She left out the word, "impression." And now, she's off to Turks & Caicos, where she will be an "intern", which she informs me is some kind of tampon in Italy.

[2] I had cable installed today -- and was lucky because one of the two guys in the local comcast installation fleet who could have pulled it off in my unit showed up purely by chance. My cable jack is under the stage, and you have to be thin to get to it. When the guy called me and had an Asian accent, I thought: thank god! he's going to be thin. So, yippee. I have cable. Come over and watch TV. [3]

[3] Yes, I'm copying Chester's footnote style. I like it, dammit!