Encounter with Great Hammerhead Shark

During a shark trip to the Bahamas in 2003, I was sort of rammed by a great hammerhead shark. Well, it didn't ram me, but it was close enough that I had to club it with my camera a few times. For some reason, when I jumped into the water the guy came swimming at me -- very quickly -- in a not-so-friendly way, pectoral fins down. Normally, I have no problems with being bumped by sharks, but it's pretty clear when a shark is being aggressive -- and this one was clearly being aggressive. I had seen similar behavior the year before when a petite woman named Murni did a giant stride off of the swim step, but in that case the hammerhead stopped before he got to her. And it wasn't even a big deal because she never saw it. :)

Anyway, I remember triggering the shutter as all of this was happening, but all of the resulting photos were blurry because I was just snapping blindly. And for some STUPID reason, I deleted most of them, including one in particular that I really wish I had kept (the latter half of the hammerhead, blurry, as it was turning around me).

One of the photos survived. It's not that exciting, but it makes me smile when I see it. :)

moments before contact

Um. Hi, Mom! Pretend you never read this entry. :)