Wendy's Visit, Felix in Orinda

Wendy, at Mandy and Elliot's loft My sister Wendy is here visiting, and (unfortunately) will be leaving early tomorrow morning to drive back down to Los Angeles. She's currently out in Oakland somewhere, which means that she'll be driving on not much sleep tomorrow morning. Someone call her to make sure she gets there safely! I'll be in an airplane, flying off into the cold.

Wendy and I spent most of the weekend seeing various friends. On Sunday we went to see cellist Felix Fan, an old family friend, perform with the Worn Chamber Ensemble in Orinda. They played works by Persichetti, Felciano, Revueltas, and Ginastera, but I wasn't thrilled by any of the music in the first half. I did, however, enjoy the second half, but mostly because Felix kicked serious ass on his cello. I only see him once every couple of years, and it's always good to see such a familiar face.