Seafood Watch Wallet Card

I'm so proud of my friends. Vienna picked me up from the airport today and on the drive back to Oakland, she told me a story about eating out in Ann Arbor and passing up a restaurant that serves mako shark. More than a few of my friends have sworn off eating shark (especially shark fin soup) after learning about how horrible fishing practices are (see some photos of what it's like to overfish sharks -- and these are the guys who are properly using the entire animal. most shark finning operations fin live sharks and leave them to die in the ocean).

I went to a friend's wedding rehearsal dinner last year where they served shark fin soup. If she wasn't such a good friend, I might have walked out.

Anyway, go download the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Wallet Card and start eating seafood responsibly!

Hmmm. I'm sort of hesitant to post this sort of thing because people obviously can go further and start boycotting just about everything we humans do. So those of you who are extremists can go ahead and label me a hypocrite -- but you have to pick your fights, and this is one that I've chosen.