Get your wallets ready

Will you be my valentine?

Just kidding.

I took a look back a few years at [web journal] entries on or around February 14th, and it appears that v-day has been a non-event for quite some time now. I remember something about an anti v-day party, but it didn't make it online. Either that, or it didn't actually happen.

1998: i think i was mad back then

I remember v-day back in 1998: I was in my apartment in Rains on Stanford Campus (having recently had my heart ripped out), and Elliot came over to watch Swingers on my little crappy TV. That was very memorable, for some reason, and unfortunately is what I sort of associate with Feb 14th.

V-Day. Feh.

This year I'll likely be in Mexico photographing a blue-fin tuna farm, and I can't imagine a better way to spend Valentine's Day. Actually... that's not true; it would be even better if I was there at the blue-fin tuna farm with a cute girl. :)

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