Misc Links

These links, courtesy of Eryn and Meredith:

- Awesome video of a guy singing to himself
- I Wanna Love You Tender

Also, I've been reading up on Papua New Guinea because I'm going there in August and was diving just off of Irian Jaya last month. This account of a trip in pursuit of first contact is worth reading. The areas I'm going to have had contact with whiteys for seventy years or so, but what will no doubt be fresh in my mind are the photographs and stories I've read in books like First Contact and Throwim Way Leg.

*UPDATE* - Closet computer geek Vienna Teng reminded me of the top 100 quotes at bash.org. Don't click on the link unless you have half an hour to laugh hilariously. Uh.. that is, if you find that sort of thing funny. Extensive chat room and/or MUD experience helps. God, we're dorks.