The Regal Jack London Movie Theater

I live within walking distance of the Regal Jack London movie theater, a geographic blessing, I thought, when I decided to move here from San Francisco. However, having now been to three movies there, I have decided that I'm never going back. Bad experiences? 3 for 3. Problem areas include film burning up in the projector, crying babies at 10pm action-movie showings, and dudes talking non-stop during movies like Million Dollar Baby (which I saw tonight with Livia -- it was excellent).

I'm also going to try to avoid the annoying, faux-gangsta', size-44-jeans street punks at Century Daly City. I guess that only leaves indie theaters, and the Metreon. Livia insists that from now on we're only going to see movies at the Metreon, but I recall one instance when we had to convince a security guy to expel some obnoxious kids in front of us. Is it possible that one must pursue *even more yuppie* theaters to get a proper viewing environment?

Unrelated: this afternoon, Vienna pointed me to a video that Nick Parlante made to teach people about pointers. Nick is clearly insane. :) (I had Nick for 3 of my first 4 CS classes at Stanford: CS 193d, 107, and 108).