Superbowl Sunday

Amanda, on her favorite couch Other than walking around the block this morning to get a bagel with Livia, I haven't left the loft in three days. But I will be heading out to the airport in just over five short hours, which I'm sure will make my morning just peachy.

Superbowl Sunday! Geoff, Livia, Robert, Mandy, Elliot, Monica, Wuy, Lesley, Vienna, Jim, Steve, Sigrid, and cute kids AJ and Elouise came over to watch the Superbowl and feast on Geoff's amazing, spicy chili, Geoff's amazing, garlicky guacamole, Vienna and Jim's tasty cheesesteaks, and the V-team's healthy fruits, hummus, and pita. Livia and Robert were gone for much of the day because they had to play a concert somewhere out east. Imagine that -- a concert during the Superbowl! Aparently, there were quite a few concerts going on today because Lesley went to one as well. It's ironic that we put on such a production today because the vast majority of those in attendance couldn't give two shits about the Superbowl's outcome.

Monica: "Oh, I guess he was supposed to pick up the ball?"

Mandy: "Is there a way to fast-forward past the present?"

Monica/Vienna: "Yeah, like, to the end of the game?"

I love it. :)

And so we sat through the game and its crappy commercials, feeding off of the excitement that football fans Geoff Nuttall and Jim Batcho scented into the air. Livia even got excited a few times and started clapping for no real reason. But I have to give the Superbowl some credit: it was the company that made the day lots of fun, and any day that brings together friends, chili, guacamole, cheesesteaks, and beer must be a good thing, right? And Vienna even had a BEER (or, part of one)! Until today, I had never seen her take even a sip of the stuff.