God Hates Computers

Our french horn player today had a sticker for the band, "God Hates Computers." Aftering seeing it, I said (jokingly), "I want one of those stickers! I'd cross out 'God' (and the 's' in 'Hates') and write 'I' instead. ha ha ha."

I was being facetious, but that was because I didn't know that the remainder of my evening would be spent setting up my new server -- all of which was going well until the Intel Express software CD installed something that corrupted the newly installed system. So, I'm starting again.

This is after literally weeks of waiting for Lian Li to get me a set of missing screws and accessories for the damned case; through circumstances too good to be true, the case goodies were delivered to my parents' hotel while they were visiting Taiwan last week, and then to me some days later. My aunt, instrumental in the accessories acquisition, claims that Lian Li's customer service in Taiwan is quite good. That's great for Taiwan, but Lian Li sells a lot of product here in the States, too, and their USA customer service is non-existent. Good thing I have family in Taiwan; I was about to get creative.

Incidentally, Lian Li ships in one bag, a set of motherboard risers with a bunch of screws. In another bag are a bunch of smaller screws. Naturally, I used the screws bundled with the motherboard risers to attach the motherboard to the risers, since they had been packaged in the same bag. BAD IDEA.

(agonizing description of hours of hassle here) ...

I could go on forever about all of this crap, but I'm sure you aren't interested.

I'm going to be amazed if all of this works. These days I have no confidence in computing hardware, and I won't be surprised if there is at least one defective part in the mix (there are 9 drives in the case -- all Maxtor. I'm projecting doom and gloom!)

I have to find time in the next few days to:

1) finish the Wetpixel design and migration
2) prepare materials for my workshops two weekends from now
3) attend and/or play in 3 concerts
4) finalize travel plans for may/june of this year
5) get this bitch of a server working
6) post photos from the last couple of trips
7 - infinity) a crapload more

Craving bed,