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Why do people feel the need to call an hour and a half before an event ((e.g. "what time does it start again?" or "where do you live again?" or "hey, i'm leaving now!")? For little get-togethers, I can understand calling to inform the host of lateness, etc., but for an evite with 100 people on the guest list, even if a small percentage feels the need to call, the phone rings non-stop.

I'm officially coining a new acronym: RTFE, motherfuckers.

(that would be similar to RTFM, with the "E" standing for Evite)

I don't normally mind calls, but because I now have to buzz people up, the phone will literally ring 40 times in half an hour! So, yeah. Call if there is reason to call. Otherwise, just show up.

Now that I've ranted for a bit, I'd like to thank you all for coming. :)

Hmmm. Tired + hungry = cranky, apparently.