Tired and hungry

- New server at home is running. You know you've got a lotta frickin' storage when one of your programs switches to scientific notation to specify free space. I'm copying 600GB over gigabit. It's going to take a long time.

- Wetpixel redesign is basically done. DNS switch has been flipped.

Here were the steps involved for the Wetpixel redesign:

It's taken hours and hours of hard work, and I couldn't have done it without James Wiseman, Markus Nolf, and Alex King.

  1. Redesign mockup using Adobe Photoshop (Eric)
  2. Code the HTML and CSS from mockup (Eric)
  3. Purchase and install Expression Engine and Invision Board (with peripheral modules) on staging server (Eric)
  4. Set up dedicated server (Austin Web Development)
  5. Continue to get Wetpixel content posted (James)
  6. Keep POTW running (Markus)
  7. On staging server, code up unified login code in PHP and MySQL (Alex, Eric)
  8. Code up user profile sync code in PHP and MySQL (Alex and Eric)
  9. Code up content migration and cleanup code in PHP and MySQL (Alex, Eric)
  10. Code up old URL redirect code in PHP (Alex)
  11. Redesign templates to support all migrated metadata (Eric)
  12. Configure new adserver engine to support all old ads (Eric)
  13. Test migration, debugging, and code fix (Eric, Alex)
  14. File and database move to production server (Eric)
  15. Test migration (Eric)
  16. Production migration (Eric)
  17. "Massaging" of data to make things *actually* work (Eric)
  18. Lots of additional configuration (Eric)
  19. Server location switch in code + DNS server switch at Network Solutions (Eric)

I skipped playing in Vienna's show to sit here at the computer. :(