Googling yourself

I googled myself today and discovered that I have 8 of the first 10, 14 of the first 20, and 23 of the first 30 references to my full name. AND, I discovered that Ryan over at Reef, Photo & Video has an google ad out on my name. That's funny. :)

Been working hard lately. Had a few breaks to enjoy music. No breaks to relax. I just want to go see movies or something. Vienna filled my fridge while I was out one night (i am indebted), so at least I've been eating.

After this weekend, I'm going to take a couple of days and do no work. Um. If I can stop myself from doing work. I'm discovering that no routine = work seven days a week, including evenings.

Going to leave the house to dine with Cindy tonight. And for that, I am excited. :)

the master of platonic,