I love my friends.

Transcript from e-mail: (updated)


230 User jb logged in.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> put loveturns40.wav
local: loveturns40.wav remote: loveturns40.wav
ftp: local: loveturns40.wav: No such file or directory
ftp> put [loveturns40.wav]
local: [loveturns40.wav] remote: [loveturns40.wav]
ftp: local: [loveturns40.wav]: No such file or directory
ftp> fuckoff
?Invalid command.
ftp> fuck you
?Invalid command.

It's like handing a monkexy the tools and plans to build a bi-plane. Not gonna happen. "

By the way, Jim, you shouldn't be using ftp. I was recently edumacated, and now use sftp, even though it seems slow as shit. I found that using WebDrive (Windows) to map a drive to my servers was the best way, especially when using programs like Dreamweaver to do the data transfer (slow, slow, slow!). But since you're on OS X, I'm sure there's some fancy way to do it via the terminal, without using commands like, "fuckoff." :)

By the way, I love the brackets around [loveturns40.wav]. Precious!!

Peter is a little more clever. I worked with Peter both in school and in the industry for many, many years, and it was the funny tech stuff (and people!) that kept me going.