Boston Sea Rovers 51st Clinic, Mar 4-6, 2005

Me with Angie and her sparkley flower hat I just wrote up some stuff about my trip the Boston Sea Rovers Clinic last week.

Aside from the people I hung out with during the clinic, I spent time with Angie Tseng, abhi shelat, Semira Rahemtulla, Joel Dawson, Vienna Teng (out playing a conference Harvard), Julia Ogrydziak and Jeffrey Krause. Joel is now a professor at M.I.T. (!), and abhi is finishing up his Ph.D. in cryptography. After lunch at Legal Seafood, I wandered around the new Stata Center (designed by famed architect, Frank O. Gehry) with Joel and abhi, and took pictures of its funkiness. They had robots and stuff there. Looks like a fun place to hang out, academically.

Great trip! Boston is fun.