Cindy's 30th Birthday Party

Jen, Lilly, Nana, Cindy, and sister Eunice When I left the house on Saturday morning, I had no idea that I would be out until the following evening.

Cindy had a big birthday bash last weekend -- lots of fun, because I almost never get to see her friends. Happy Birthday, Cindy! About 40 of her friends arrived, but very quickly, 11pm arrived. I am learning that 11pm (or 12am, or whatever) is apparently very late for over-30s living in the Peninsula. It seems also to be late for over-30s who have commuted down to Santa Clara from San Francisco. LAME.

Chester, Molly, Mike and I stayed until the end, knowing that Cindy would probably just tell us to leave if she wanted that. In the end, I stayed over in a guest room I spent a lot of time in while homeless last year.

Chester pled with me to exercise restraint when posting photos (he pulled the geek solidarity card), but he looks fine in most of the photos I have of him, and aside from taking Cindy down with him during a fall -- which I *wish* I had seen -- I didn't notice any behavior that was too embarrassing. They photos I'm posting are definitely no worse than the stuff he puts on his own site. :)

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