Eyes Burning, Sarah, Alissa, Adam

There was a short deluge here in Florida today, and James and I witnessed multiple palm trees downed by the howling wind. I hate the red-eye from SFO to Houston. The flight leaves at 12:40am and is just over three hours long -- definitely not long enough to get any real sleep.

Before I left, I had dinner with Sarah Kemble in the city; she just returned from doing malaria research in Uganda, and had some interesting stories about slogging through the swamp with a GPS unit. Sounds like fun! We had yummy sushi at Chika, my favorite sushi place in San Francisco. And Chika has good green tea ice cream, too.

Also spent a few hours with Alissa; we chatted mostly about digital workflow stuff, but I finally saw some of her work out in the Middle East. It takes cajones to decide to become a freelance war photojournalist out there. Adam came over, too, to figure out logistics of getting wedding invitations printed. Yep. I am social, even when I am busy. It's worth the reduced sleep. :)