Vienna Teng Concert Webcast

The webcast of the Vienna Teng benefit show at my place is finally online! A donation gets you access to the 1 hr 8 minute movie (if you arrived at the actual show, you will receive access information via e-mail). The webcast will probably be up until April 15th or so, but you should probably watch sooner rather than later. [1]

Details can be found on Vienna's website: [benefit webcast]

Special thanks to: Vienna Teng, Jim Batcho, Adam Tow, Victor A., and Eric Miller

[1] Note that currently (Saturday, 9:19PM), the video stream crashes Quicktime on my Windows XP machine if I have my your Quicktime connection setting set to 384KB/s. Also, 112KB plays back too fast (chipmunky). At 56KB/s (audio only) and 784KB/s +, the video works well, so try those speeds if you have problems (your mileage may vary). We have people looking at this, so hopefully it will get fixed soon!