1-Day Layovers called "Home"

This little British kid just walked into the premiere lounge here at LAX (I've only been in one of these things a few times in my life) and said, "This is fantastic! This is REE-ally fantastic! Dad, you've got papers (newspapers) here. I'd like a sandwich!" I think he said something about Chardonnay, but I'm not sure. So grown-up, those little Brit kids! Anyway, I really just connected (via my phone) to post some photos from yesterday and to download one, last batch of e-mails. Saw Vienna, Jim, Elliot, Mandy, Adam, and Sarah while home. Thanks, guys. :) Thanks also to Rosa, who came to pick me up here in LA for a quick, Cuban lunch!

I'm off again, and won't be back until the 28th. Please leave a message. *BEEP*