San Diego, Brunch, etc.

Wendy asks, "is this rude, or funny?" I've been enjoying being home. We had Mother's Day brunch at George's, in La Jolla, where by coincidence, Wendy and I bumped into Shawna and family -- our old, next-door neighbors! It's always really nice to see them; I have so many fond memories of our daily adventures on Recuerdo Drive. :)

I also went to see Steve's submarine for the first time. I've been following its progress from the first concept renderings, so it was really a treat to be able to sit in its acrylic bubble and imagine what it would be to go down to 1500'.

I've also posted some photos from the Taiwan Center (two evenings ago). I wish I were better at Mandarin. Yet another line item on the ol' ToDo list.