Sharks videos are cool

Sebastien Bertaut with Grey Reef Shark, Apataki, French Polynesia

For the first time, I have footage of me photographing sharks! Our kick-ass dive guide and shark guy Sebastien Bertaut (pictured, above) gave me this footage. We're at Apataki Pass, one of the last remaining places with schooling reef sharks in large numbers. Apataki is unique because the grey reef sharks there actually school in formation during the day (as opposed to places like Fakarava's south pass, where there were hundreds of sharks milling around in a more chaotic fashion). I had never seen anything like it.

The video is 1 minute long, and is in DivX .AVI format. Please don't abuse my bandwidth.

DOWNLOAD: [divx smaller 3mb] [divx larger 9.5mb]* (to watch, use Media Player 10 or Divx Player)

5/26/05 UPDATE: [h.264 mpg 480x384]
I did this H.264 encode just for Victor A. But I'm still not sure why the same bitrate produces bigger files when I encode with H.264. (They look good, though).

Also, I'm working on getting my French Polynesia images online -- and as well, journals from Kona, the bluefin tuna farm, Rajah Ampat, and the Farallons. I'm just a little bit behind.

* with apologies to Victor A., who keeps telling me that DivX is "non-standard." Well, I'll bet DivX is more popular than his entire *platform*, so I'm going to continue posting DivX files. ;)