Jessica Alba punches sharks

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Jessica Alba risked her life on the Bahamas shoot for upcoming movie Into The Blue - because she was surrounded by deadly sharks all day.

Sexy Alba was a quivering wreck every time she entered the tropical waters surrounding the sun-drenched islands, and was often required to undertake the daring task of punching sharks on the nose - in a desperate move to stave off potential attacks.

However, the power of prayer helped Alba survive the scary scenes.

She tells Empire magazine, "I swam with violent sharks. Every day I prayed that I wouldn't die.

"And so every morning I told my grandmother to pray for me, to protect me from the sharks.

"I had to punch a couple of the sharks right on the nose.

"You punch them on the nose and it redirects them.

But trust me, it's terrifying."

This is total bullshit. It's ok to be afraid of sharks, but to take a job where sharks are baited* so that you can punch them in the nose -- and then to talk about them being "deadly" and "violent" -- is asinine.

She is: 1) totally unable to read animals and 2) hamming it up for the press.


*Unless they are baiting sharks, it is *highly* unlikely that she is getting close enough to touch them. And if she's underwater with them and there is no bait in the water, she has absolutely no reason to be afraid.