The most annoying telemarketer ever

I've been receiving daily automated calls from 702-260-5955 (from Caller ID). A recorded female voice says, "This call is regarding an important business matter. Please call Miss Fremont at 1-800-257-0896. This is not a sales call." Daily calls mean that if I leave for three weeks, when I get back I have 15 messages on my machine.

702 is a Nevada area code, and calling back identifies the company or person as "RMA". After a few weeks of calls, I finally broke down, called the 1-800 number, and asked them to remove me from the list. I also asked questions about the company, but the woman on the other end would not cooperate.

Anyway, I just filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, which I'm sure will do nothing. What would be better is if the thousands of you who check this site all gave that 1-800 number a call (with caller ID blocked, of course :) and stayed on the phone as long as possible. If I can't make them stop calling, we can at least have conversations with them on their dime. :)