Charlie Cox Runs With Scissors

Livia and Liam at the Lone Palm I just went to the opening night of wonderful play called Charlie Cox Runs With Scissors, which was very funny, slightly dark, and quite enjoyable. It's rare for me to go to the theater these days, but each time, I am reminded of how much I enjoy it. Tonight, it was all the more special because a (relatively new) friend, Liam Vincent, showcased his brilliance in his role as Wally Death.

After the play and opening-night reception, Livia, Liam, Isabelle (fiery red in her role as Kiki, love personified), Mark (the slightly-scary truck driver named Travis), Erik (Liam's friend, a director), and Mark (#2) had a few drinks at the Lone Palm, a bar in the Mission. We socialized over a strange mix of Polynesian music, Joan Baez, and circus-y tango music (bizarre). Liam kept thanking me for coming to the opening evening of the show, but the pleasure was really all mine. I haven't spent much time with theater folk; everyone was so full of life!