ReadyNAS 600 RAID 5 Deal

As a frequent contributor to COBA (Camera Owners of the Bay Area), I'd like to share the details of a special deal Adam Tow has coordinated: promotional pricing for the ReadyNAS 600 RAID box from Infrant Technologies. The ReadyNAS 600 is a gigabit NAS box that supports 4 Serial ATA disks, wireless networking (optional), and hardware RAID 0, 1 and 5. The deal is for COBA members only, but membership is informal and free.

Promotional configuration options are as follows:
$100 off - Barebones. You supply your own SATA drives.
Effective price: $695 retail (if available) - $100 = $595

$200 off - 4x250GB Western Digital RAID Edition drives
Effective price: $1395 retail - $200 = $1195

Normally, the ReadyNAS 600 in a driveless configuration is unavailable. More information about the deal can be found on the COBA website. Please let Adam know that I referred you.