Wendy's visit, Durand House

My strange sister at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe Wendy came to visit over the weekend. And it was her birthday on the 25th, too. Happy Birthday, Wen. :) I wish I could see her more often. It sucks that we don't live in the same city anymore.

On Sunday, we went to have brunch with our cousin, Charlotte, who seems to be enjoying the academic paradise that Stanford offers. Char lives in Durand, which is the same house I lived in, ten years ago. After brunch, I went to visit Durand for the first time since being at Stanford; I walked back to the kitchen to say hi to Gilly (our old cook), and we reminisced for awhile about the good ol' days. The house still smells the same.

Man. 10 years. Old fart. (Also, a bunch of random photos)