Andi Voeltz, Teutonic Visitor

Kelp forest tank, Monterey Bay Aquarium Andi Voeltz is currently visiting California for the first time. Over the weekend, he rented a car and drove up from Los Angeles for a visit. And so, I tried my best to keep him entertained by dragging him all over town. We had dinner with Sarah in Japantown before her departure for Hawaii, and then wandered over to visit Mandy and Elliot in their Mission-district loft. Andi had asked explicitly to meet Mandy, presumably because she is so darned cute! ;)

On Sunday, we drove down to Monterey to go to the aquarium and spent some time with both Berkley White and Norbert Wu. The aquarium is difficult to enjoy on weekends because it is full of Asian and Indian babies. And I don't mean anything by that. It's just hard to avoid camera-cranium contact when the little guys try to wedge themselves between you and the exhibits.