Todd Essick Visits

Vienna, Mandy, Todd, Elliot, and me (photo: Jim Batcho) Todd Essick dropped by yesterday for a day in Oakland. We hung out for awhile in my loft, talking about naked women underwater photography, an' den spent the evening enjoying home-cooked pizzas whipped up by Vienna Teng and Male Hotness. Mandy and Elliot came over to eat, too; it was a fun little party.

We also watched Star Wars: Episode IV, and found it refreshing to remember that Star Wars had its origins in brilliance before turning into steaming piles of crap.

Photos also include a shot of Emile Litvak, who came up for a few hours ('twas great to see him), and a shot of Eli Woolery, who came up with Courtney on their way up north. I need to hang out with Eli more; he's the only one of my older friends who has also taken up underwater photography!