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Of the 118 folks on my buddy list, I am only one online and not idle.

This has only happened once before, probably because I have various international people on my list who are usually online when I am awake late at night. But through some miraculous alignment of sleep, social schedules, and sanity (i.e. time away from the computer), only six people are even connected, and none of them are active.

Living alone is great, but it's been a little lonely (despite my fairly social schedule). It's strange to say this, but my IM buddy list helps me not to feel alone when I'm sitting here at my desk. Those little green spheres sitting next to just a few names establish imagined connections from me to you through my trusty little Thinkpad and hundreds/thousands of miles of fiber.

So I could interact, if I wanted to. Except now, that is, because no one else is active.

Perhaps it's time for bed.