BoxTop ProJPEG 6.0 - Photoshop Action Problems

I recently upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CS2, which seems to work properly with all of my old filters except for BoxTop's ProJPEG 5.2, which causes Photoshop to throw away color profile information when opening JPG images (super lame). I really like ProJPEG because the files it produces are smaller than Photoshop's built-in JPG routines.

Anyway, so I noticed that BoxTop has released ProJPEG 6.0, which I have downloaded and am trying out. The new ProJPEG 6.0 is a plug-in instead of a file format, and fixes the problem 5.2 has with ignoring jpg color profiles when used with CS2. HOWEVER, I can't seem to get ProJPEG 6.0 to script properly in actions. Normally, I have actions that automatically save my files in various places. ProJPEG 6.0 doesn't grab by default the original filename, and I can't see a way to put it in an action without specifying a new filename.

BoxTop's FAQ says:

Can I batch process with ProJPEG?

Yes. ProJPEG 6.0 fully supports Photoshop Actions allowing batch processing and scripting to automate your work in Photoshop 4.0 and greater. Batch Processing is also possible in Paint Shop Pro 6.0 and greater but works through a different mechanism than Photoshop actions.

... but if using the original filename in an action isn't support in version 6.0, it's not going to be very useful in an action.

Anyone out there getting it to script properly in actions?