Kenny, Mandy/Elliot, Cindy

Ben and Kenny. Kenny is eating ramen. Grenada was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed getting to know the island and her waters. Met some nice writers on the trip, as well, and hope to establish a relationship with some of them over the coming years. Photos probably have to wait until the project is done before they can be shown. :)

I returned to a mountain of unfinished business and social activities. Kenny Liu and associated med school friends were in town for John Louie's wedding. Even though Kenny and I only spent a few hours hanging out, it was really nice to see him. Once junior pops out, it's going to be even harder to get him to come out to the Bay Area... (if that's possible).

On the same day, Mandy and Elliot threw a party on the roof of their building; it was a beautiful day -- perfect for rooftop party. The local hippy musician even came up to play drums and strange instruments for awhile.

Cindy came over yesterday for our regular Chez Panisse Cafe visit, and on her way up she stopped by Infrant to pick up my ReadyNAS 600, which I prompty shoved four Seagate 400GB drives into (more expensive, but cooler and quieter than Hitachi drives). I'm now in phase one of backing up my server (personal files and images). It will take over 30 hours to copy 300,000 files/500GB. After that, I have roughly the same amount in media (music/videos) that will also need to be copied over. Incremental backups after the initial seeding should be much quicker. :)

A note about Cindy: she's decided that 2005 is the Year of Vanity, and she is definitely looking the girliest, ever! She normally arrives decked out in leather because she likes to take the bike during rush hour, but this time, she drove, and showed up in little skirt & high heels. A few adolescent musicians were in the elevator unloading after a project in the recording studio upstairs, and one of them had a stupid grin on his face (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) when he saw her walk in. I thought it was very funny. :)

Despite all of the vanity, I'm glad that Cindy's personality hasn't changed. She's still all about being no-nonsense, and is easy to hang out with -- while looking girly! Win-win.

I'm tired. Multi-tasking is going to kill me.